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Linear Motion Application Ideas

Pneumatic Applications
80/20's patented Linear Bearings are infinitely adjustable along the T-Slot length. When combined with our Brake Kits, 80/20's Linear Bearings provide quick and easy positioning for the most versatile fixturing around.

Adjustable Framing & Guarding
Using 80/20's T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusions and Linear Bearings with Brake Kits, you can easily reposition or adjust virtually any application. Making a segmented guard that expands to fit your work area or a height adjustable television monitor are just a few of the possibilities provided by 80/20.
For More information about 80/20 guarding capabilities go to www.8020guarding.com

Automated Fixturers
With excellent wearability and accuracy, 80/20 Linear Bearings provide a low cost and highly effective alternative to the precision linear motion systems used in most automated systems today. Three types of bearings with multiple options in each means that there is a bearing to fit your application in stock and ready to ship today.